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con·sist·en·cy   kənˈsistənsē


1. steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.


2. agreement, harmony, or compatibility, esp. correspondence or uniformity among the parts of a complex thing.





ex·pe·ri·ence    ikˈspi(ə)rēəns


1. practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity


2. active participation in events or activities, leading to the accumulation of knowledge or skill



in·teg·ri·ty   inˈtegritē


1. the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness


2. the condition of being unified, unimpaired, or sound in construction

Specializing in Commercial Interior Construction




CEI Construction is a commercial construction company, offering a wide range of general contracting services for commercial interiors. Whether it’s a tenant up-fit, office remodel, or retail build out, our crew has the expertise and experience to create your business’ ideal environment. With our own in-house cabinet workshop, we economically and efficiently customize your space to your needs. 


Our desire is to develop a partnership with you that will stand the test of time. We have built our reputation by earning the loyalty and trust of our satisfied customers. Due to our passion and accepting only the best, our  repeat clients have made us successful.  Ask us for references today.  Refer us to others tomorrow.

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